Technology Introduction


Wearable Pulse Oximeter

(SpO2, Oximeter)

continuously measures oxygen levels in bloodstream using IR LED and RED LEDs. Measurements are transmitted to nurses 24/7 wirelessly. Patients are free to move around without being attached to fixated machine.

A simple Wearable Glove using Bluetooth to check patient’s condition in real time

Wearable Glove Wearable Glove

Wireless ecg integrated wireless ecg system

(ECG : electrocardiogram)

A change in electrical activity displayed in relation to the heartbeat is an electrophysical test in which 6 to 15 electrodes are attached to the patient’s chest and extremities and the state is detected and recorded in the figure, and a basic Vital sign As an important inspection device to confirm that the life of the patient is hindered

wireless ecg system

Instead of replacing complex wired
patient monitoring devides
Wireless ECG Integrated Monitoring system capable of Real time exam & admin of medicine
Eliminate the discomfort of device replacement And reconnect Resolve risk of patient movement and isolation

wireless ecg system

Gateway for Chronic disease patients & lonely elderly

Including blood pressure, blood pressure, oxygen sturation, Get the live information of the patient(patient) live via real-time transfer of medical servers and Bluetooth communications Patient monitoring devices to transfer to hospital medical staff and patients

Ultrasound Camrea Technology

Up to 16 channels, a primary Utlrasonic chip High Frequency Ultrasonic Sensor Array Ultrasonic image sensor

PZT ceramics Element Technologybr