Technology Introduction

Cloud Hospital - Application Range of Home / Application Range of Hospital

Application Range of Home

  • Data transfer using Bluetooth 4.0 low energy(BLE) wireless communication technology
  • An available without any software modifications to all medical measuring devices
  • Apply the Smart Phone(app) and the Z-modem G/W simultaneously to fit the patient's age and environment
  • Development of oxygen saturation management and medical information collection system for oxygen saturation management
  • Healthcare Device and Wellness Device applying global standards to expand services
  • Medical measurement device data can be transmitted to health care teams and families via medical servers

Application Range of Hospital

  • Growing demand for nursing services
  • South Korean nurse is the average of the OECD member countries
  • The difficulty of nursing supply and demand
  • Minimize patient complaints when vital signs are measured
  • Protection of medical staff in case of respiratory diseases such as MERS
  • Prompt response in case of emergency situation in patients
Device Control and Platform Technology
for IOT Technology