Technology Introduction

U-HEALTH 02 - Wireless ECG Integrated Monitoring System

Wireless ECG Integrated Monitoring System

  • Not a problem with the electrode attachment if it is not an expert
  • Medical team confirms the data to the smart device to treat other patients
  • Holter type miniaturized ECG appearance design and development
  • When applying our products to treadmill test, it is very convenient when measured data

A consortium of institutions MTEC GLOBAL and PNUYH(hospital) are
jointly participating in the MSIP(Government agency) project and be under investigation

  • wearable
  • wearable
  • 심전도 측정장치 ECG 1.심전도 측정장치 ECG
  • 전극센서모듈 2.전극센서모듈
  • ECG 운용 S/W 3.ECG 운용 S/W